Alaska Ruby Princess Cruises with Canadian Rockies / Yellowknife Aurora Hunting

Within the Northwestern region of the American continent lies a stretch of land covered by ice and snow, it is Alaska. Snow mountains, icebergs, aurora, grizzly bears and reindeers are the impressions among people towards this land which is under zero degree Celsius all year long. Heading to Alaska, you will definitely be mesmerized by the sight of Glacier Bay in Glacier Bay National Park. Glacier Bay is located among steep mountains, there is no road, cruise, and plane are therefore the only two ways to experience its beyond-description beauties.

The 16-day Alaska Ruby Princess Cruise and Canadian Rockies tour is similar to venturing on a journey of silence and purity, to be away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Yet, on the 18-storey Ruby Princess Cruise, you may enjoy a variety of entertainment, delicacies and a variety of relaxing leisure activities.

Entering the coast of Alaska, you will have the entire day to view icebergs covered in snow and snowy peaks. One particularly should not miss is the Glacier Bay National Park. John Muir, the renowned American naturalist has once described the scenery of dawn at this place, “On the exceptionally beautiful mountain peaks there seems to be burning red flame… The colorful clouds