Our Teams

T2T Service Team

It is our staff that makes us special. This is the special ingredient that sets us apart. With utmost dedication, professionalism and commitment, our staff serves you, delivering T2T unique and incomparable standards of care and attention to detail, ensuring a memorable convention, event and incentive program for you. Some of you will meet when traveling with T2T, others are behind the scenes, making sure that everything works perfectly according to arrangements.

T2T Culture

In T2T, all of our staff are trained to understand the company's culture where the customer is the most important person in our business and to accept corporate demands and changes as our daily routine. As a result, throughout the years, 85% of our clients are Returning customers.

T2T Service Support Team

Great events are only made possible by our service support team who works behind the scenes, right from the start until the end of the event. The support team in T2T consists of planning experts who travel across continents, and at times are on site to ensure that every detail has met our standards and client's expectations. Our quality control team oversees the finest details in making the event perfect.

T2T Field Team: Tour / Project Managers / Tour Guides

These people are in the front line of our commitment to our clients. They deliver our standards and commitments. This team consists of professionals who really love their jobs. They are travel experts, raconteurs, art critics, historians, actors, poets, entertainers, jokers, and above all - friends - all rolled into one! They will enhance your experience and make your incentive package a memorable one.


  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Knowledgeable
  • Care and Share
  • Trust
  • Engagement