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Traveling across Northern Europe, in Search of Norse Mythology

Once sailed by explorers of the Viking Age a thousand years ago, the Baltic States are home to a myriad of cultures, languages and storied pasts. Trails of the Vikings can still be found in the Norse settlement, where Norse mythology hailed from.

Regal Princess brings you all the way to Baltic Sea, to embark on a journey in search of Norse mythology and explore the wonders of far-off lands. Accompanied with spectacular sea view and sumptuous delicacies, the tour of Baltic and Scandinavian offers you a sensational journey.

The voyage encompasses Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Berlin, Germany; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; and Stockholm, Sweden; to explore where Vikings and Czars reigned with your own eyes.

The cruise ship will set sail from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, which is also known as the kingdom of fairy tales, to Oslo. Copenhagen is the largest city, as well as the gateway to Northern Europe. Hans Christian Andersen, the master of storyteller once resided in this port city, where he created his very first fairy tale. Oslo, the capital of Norway is located between the inlet of Oslofjord and lushy green forests. It is one of the Viking settlements, with close to 1,000 years of history. Norway declared independence from Denmark in 1814. Since then, Oslo has been the capital of Norway.

Regal Princess will then sail southward to Warnemünde, Germany, the entry way from Baltic Sea to Berlin, followed by westward into the Gulf of Finland, the most inner side of Baltic Sea, and then to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn is located at the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. The architectural style is influenced by the Danish, Swedish and Russian colonials. In 2011, Tallinn was designated as the European Capital of Culture.

The cruise ship will then arrive at the second largest city of Russia, St. Petersburg, and you will have two days to explore the historic centre inscribed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. St. Petersburg is also known as Venice of the North. It is famous for its countless canals and more than 400 bridges. Many famous writers and distinguished artists and authors of Russia, such as Alexander Pushkin and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, had spent time living and writing in this city.

After an experience of the refined cultural ambient of Russia, we will then arrive at the lively capital of Finland, Helsinki which is surrounded by the sea. This world-famous city which is known as the Daughter of the Baltic Sea, cleverly combines natural environment with urban architecture, to become a city in a garden. Helsinki was part of Russia in 1808, hence local architecture resembles some Russian features.

Those who have heard of the Nobel Prize will definitely know the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. This city on the water located at East Finland is known as the most beautiful city in the world. The cruise ship will stop at Nynäshamn, the south of Stockholm, a city which is famous of its hydrotherapy. Moreover, many sailing competitions and speed boat races are held here annually.

In this enthralling cruise, Regal Princess takes you to seven stunning destination that you never thought were possible to visit in a trip.